Natalie, also known as The American Feather

is a contemporary singer-songwriter and storyteller through and through. Originally from south Alabama, Natalie moved to Nashville, TN in 2011 as a drama student at Belmont University. During the pandemic, Natalie and her husband relocated to a rural town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she began live streaming on Twitch TV. 

The American Feather has released a series of singles in 2022, most notably “Waves,” written by Natalie and produced by Nashville’s Chase Coy of Hazy Lane Productions. The song came to life after Natalie shared a verse and chorus of the song with her viewers on a Twitch livestream. “It resonated so much with everyone there, I was immediately inspired to finish the song. We recorded it a few months later and it was released on July 8th of this year” says Natalie. “I think it hits home so much, because so many of us have been there, even if we don’t really talk about it.” 

What stands out about The American Feather isn’t just her iconic soft and breathy vocal tone, it’s her “cut to heart of it” writing style and story-telling. The studio recording of “Waves” takes the listener on an atmospheric ride, allowing you to surf the melodic wave while relating to the standout lyric “I lost track of all the time I’ve spent / lying facedown on my floor / trying to wrap my mind around how / I’m not really drowning anymore.”

Though her studio recordings are outstanding on their own, it’s no match for the artist’s compelling stories about what inspired the song she’s about to play. For “Waves,” she often sheds light on the toll chronic illness can take on a person. She expresses, “Do you ever feel like life just keeps hitting you again and again and all you want is just a second, just one second to catch your breath? Yeah, me too.” The storytelling between the songs is what brings listeners (and Twitch viewers) back again and again. The stories are almost always a little different, always revealing a new insight behind the song. From her personal experiences, to an imagined narrative, to fan-fiction, The American Feather is a singing story-teller through and through. 

With soft tones and alluring melodies, The American Feather is the easy-listening, coffeehouse vibe we all want to sip wine to at the end of a stressful day. Drenched in soul from her southern roots, she weaves together storytelling that reminds us of the singer-songwriters we loved from the 70s, with melodies that feel both timeless and brand new. On the forefront of a new era in the singer-songwriter genre, this is The American Feather.